Finnish Expectations

Frosty, lots of fish and darkness. That’s instantly what comes to mind when I think of Finland. I’m excited, and feel very blessed, to have this opportunity to explore yet another different country and culture.

During the 12 days I’ll be mainly working with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO). Whilst in Helsinki, I’ll participate in the Nordic music education conference, which will include seminars on outreach and education work and a music education study. I’ll also attend Helsinki Philharmonic Juniorconcerts with 200 children performing (ages 12 – 13yrs) and 800 audience members. I’ll also spend time with the HPO Godchildren – a project which saw the orchestra adopt all children born in Helsinki in 2012 and take them on a journey of orchestral discovery over the next 7 years.

I’ll also be visiting a local primary and secondary school to see how they include orchestral music in the education of their students, and will visit the new Musiikkitalo (Helsinki Music Centre), which opened in 2011. Here they run a cross organisational music education programme called KUULE! (Listen!).

I’m excited to see all that this country has to offer. With the alarm set for 3am, I’m off to bed, eager to begin the next adventure!


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