Bom Dia das Mães 

It’s 10am and a glorious day. Today I have no commitments with SMC or partner organisations, so I don some shorts and head out for a day of exploring. I love the streets in this area – everywhere you look there’s another decorative design on the ground. 



It’s Sunday, and Dia das Mães (Mother’s Day) so the streets are pretty empty this morning. I turn a corner and suddenly find a Sunday morning street market. The colours and smells are amazing! It’s mainly fruit and veg, with some odd stalls such as this one which only sells onions… 



I also come across a meat and poultry stall which is selling chicken feet, heart and something else which is unrecognisable to me.
At the end of the market is a juice stall. I’ve been told by various people about this juice – caldo do cana (sugar cane juice). It’s literally made from juicing raw sugar cane. 
I try a small glass (costing around 60p) and it’s incredibly sweet! I only manage a few sips and then have to leave it. If there’s one thing the Brazilian nation love, it’s sugar! 
Just as I leave the market, the rain starts. This is the nice ‘Garoa’ type of rain but full on heavy, thunder and lightning rain. It’s much needed as there has recently been a drought here however I’m in shorts and a long way from the hotel. Luckily I have an umbrella but the rain is so heavy that I’m still soaked by the time I get back.
I get changed and the rest of my afternoon is spent shopping! I’m excited to discover a Forever 21 store which stocks the same clothes as the UK branches, but at less than half the price (I checked the corresponding items on Google).
I grab my shopping haul and climb back up the hill to the hotel for dinner and to prepare for my final week in this amazing country. 
Até amanhã.

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